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A beautiful, heavy model. Lots of details, but that's exactly where the somewhat bland aftertaste is hidden! Instead of a tachometer and a speedometer, there were two clocks on the dashboard! glued! This makes you wonder, did the Chinese have a surplus of watch decals and why didn't NOREV check that before they gave the okay? You express a certain exclusivity with a limitation (here 300 pieces) and then such a faux pas! Hence the one star deduction for processing.
Dommage qu'elle ne soit pas reproduite avec le toit "pagode" qui lui a laissé son nom.
Norev provides a great little model with a unique color offer in brown metallic. It looks great with the black (plastic) soft top placed on top. However, the top does not sit flush as the pins to mount to the rear and top of windshield are out of alignment by a few millimeters. I was finally able to get the roof to sit flush, but within a few seconds it popped off! Other than that it displays well for the price.
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