FIAT is a company created by thirty businessmen that are interested in new automobile industry to be born. They founded the first industrial automobile brand in Italy. In 1899, FIAT story begins in Turin.

What does FIAT actually mean ?

FIAT stands for Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino. In a quick translation, it would mean "Italian Automobile Factory of Turin". Curiously, it ends being also a latin play of words that means : "So be it ! ". As if, FIAT had to exist in a way or another.

What is the first car that was made by FIAT ?

It is a cart type of car that is able to reach 31km/h : the 3 ½ HP. The car is presented in 1899. Fiat is a hundred-year-old company, indeed.

What about the FIAT 500 model ?

In year 1933, Senator Giovanni Agnelli has the idea of a small inexpensive car that could be bought for 5000 lire. FIAT 500A "Topolino" is shown to the public in June 1937. Years later, in 1957, the FIAT Nuova 500 model is launched, aiming to seduce a population that prefers cheap motorcycles and micro – cars. More recently, in 2007, FIAT made a succesfull neo-retro come-back of the model.

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