Carl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler are regarded as the inventors of the modern motor vehicle. With the Benz-Patent Motorwagen and the Daimler Motorkutsche, both engineers developed the first motor-driven vehicles almost simultaneously in 1886. In 1926, the two car factories merged to form Daimler-Benz AG.

Where does the name come from ?

After the death of Gottfried Daimler in 1900, Wilhelm Maybach, Technical Director at Daimler-Motoren- Gesellschaft, signs a contract with the Austro-Hungarian Consul General Emil Jellinek for the construction of a new 35 hp high-performance car. Jellinek, who will also be responsible for sales, requests the car to be named after his eldest daughter, “Mercedes”. The car is a complete success right from the start. The name Mercedes quickly became established, so that in 1902 it was legally protected.

How was the Mercedes- Benz logo created ?

Gottfried Daimler worked for 10 years as technical director at Deutzer Gasmotorenfabrik. On a postcard with a view of Deutz, he marked the family home with a three-pointed star. It was the idea of Daimler’s sons Paul and Adolf to use this star as the company logo. From 1910, the Mercedes star was used as a trademark on the radiator of the vehicles. At the same time, Benz & Cie. also applied for a patent for a logo in 1909, the Benz lettering surrounded by a laurel wreath. One year before the merger of the two plants, both logos became the Mercedes-Benz logo with star and laurel wreath.

What does Mercedes-Benz stand for ?

First and foremost, the name Mercedes-Benz is associated with technical innovations, quality, safety and luxury. Before the Second World War, the world's first series-produced diesel car was presented, and after the 1948 currency reform the diesel models were further developed. Among the most important technical innovations are, for example, the safety pin lock, which prevents the doors from jumping open in the event of an accident, or the safety body with a rigid passenger cell and defined crumple zones at the front and rear. Mercedes Benz automobile designers Hans Scherenberg and Béla Barényi develop a, scheme for systematic safety research, making them the forerunners of passive car safety. From the 1960s onwards, Mercedes-Benz secured its place among the most popular luxury sedans with the S-Class models. The Norev model program includes a wide range, starting with the Benz-Patent Motorwagen and the Daimler Motorkutsche, various youngtimers, S-class models, AMG models, but also racing cars (DTM) and last but not least the luxurious Maybach.

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