Renault - the manufacturer with the distinctive rhombus as its company logo - has always stood out for its highly innovative and class-leading vehicle designs. The basis for this was laid by Louis Renault, who combined technical expertise with commercial skills. Numerous developments that have become indispensable in today's vehicles can be traced back to Renault patents. In 1945, shortly after the death of the company founder, the company was nationalised. Renault is thus a company for the people, able to offer vehicles with a high utility value. This idea led to the creation of numerous automobiles, which made the offers of its competitor appear backward from one day to the next. This still documents the spirit of development that Louis Renault has given to his successors.

Which is probably the most important invention of Louis Renault ?

In the early years of the automobile, the connection between the drive and the rear axle was often achieved by open chains or even belts - methods that were as fragile as they were unsafe. Renault recognized the problem and designed the direct drive using a shaft. This type of power transmission, in modern design, is still the first choice for vehicles with front engine and rear-wheel drive.

Renault and vehicle safety : a symbiosis ?

This question must be answered with a clear yes. Especially at the beginning of the new millennium, Renault clearly pushed the issue of vehicle safety. As a result of its efforts, which were both costly and time-consuming, Renault was able to boast of being the first and only manufacturer in the world to achieve a five-star NCAP crash test on all its models.

What is the most important vehicle in the company's history ?

This question cannot be answered conclusively, as over the years Renault has introduced many vehicles to the market that would deserve this award. The 4CV, which, due to its great sales success, created the basis for future developments at all ? Or the R16, which already in 1965 with front-wheel drive, four doors, large hatch and variable interior was the blueprint for the ideal sedan ? Perhaps the Espace, which combined maximum use of interior space with innovative production methods ? R4 ? R5 ? Scenic ? Decide for yourself, there's plenty to choose from.

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