Audi, this name has always stood for automotive innovation, top quality and, of course, the famous phrase "lead by technology". The company's history since 1968 has been shaped by Ludwig Kraus and Ferdinand Piëch, whose visions and ambitions have turned the Audi brand into an established premium supplier. In which motorsport also plays a major role : 13 victories at Le Mans since the year 2000.

Where did the logo with the four rings come from ?

DKW, one of the most successful German car manufacturers of the 1920s, took over Audi GmbH in 1928. Four years later, Horchwerke AG and Wanderer were also taken over by DKW. The merger of these four companies was called Auto Union AG, and the logo with the four rings represented the four manufacturers of the consortium. The memorable emblem has been on every Audi since then, although in principle only one of the four rings stands for Audi.

What does "lead by technology" mean ?

"Vorsprung durch Technik" (lead by technology) plays a central role in Audi's external image. The all-wheel drive system known as "quattro", the procon-ten safety system, corrosion protection through fully galvanized bodies or the first self-supporting aluminum body in a saloon - all this manifested Audi's reputation as a progressive company.

Where did the name Audi come from ?

Mechanical engineer August Horch founded his own automobile company in Cologne in 1899. In 1900 the first vehicle he designed himself left the production halls. Among the achievements of his work was the first German car with a four-cylinder engine. In the reliability tests, which were very popular at that time, Horch models received good placings, which proved the high quality of the Horch designs. Unfortunately, the sporting successes could not be confirmed in further competitions, which led to problems between Horch and the supervisory board. As a consequence, Horch left his company in 1909. Shortly afterwards he wanted to found a new company and the son of his investor Franz Finkentscher helped him to find a suitable name. He translated the word Horch into Latin : Audi ("to hear").

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