1946 NOREV TOYS was created by the VERON brothers, the name being an anagram of their surname.
The first production was a small sheet metal garage accompanied by some plastic cars.
The first signifiant production was children's toy watches.

1953 Creation of its first plastic 1:43 scale miniature cars.

1956 Winner of the Oscars for Toys.

1959 Winner of Oscars for toys, out of competition.

1962 Awarded the French quality label for the excellence of its products.

1963 Winner of the French gold cup for good taste.

1971 Launch of the "Jet-car" range, die-cast miniatures at 1:43 scale.

1986 Marc FISCHER takes control of the compagny. This signifies a reorientation of the production by modifying the old NOREV tooling to produce collectable miniature cars to modern standards

1994 NOREV's Bugatti EB 112 wins Gold metal at the Nuremberg World Toy Fair. The compagny enters into the domain of organized events with the reproduction of the Tour de France models.

1997 Axel FISCHER follows up the modelization started by his father by developping brand new vehicles at the same time as the constructor of the actual car.

2003 Creation of the first ever car for children, the "Babyjet".
Launch of the "Minijet" range.
Publication of the book "LES BELLES AUTOS DE NOREV".

2004 The opening of its new headquarters in Vaulx-en-Velin.

2005 Death of Marc Fischer.
Launch of the Japanese car range in 1:43 scale.
Creation of sister compagny in Germany.
Launch of 1:18 range.
Launch of GTI Tuners in partnership with GTI Mag.

2006 Partner of the Paris Tuning Show with the creation of NOREV's 300C.
NOREV's 60TH birthday.

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